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    Why you should care about people analytics in L&D

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    People analytics and learning and development (L&D) have become buzzwords in HR and the professional workforce. However, these buzzwords can be elusive. So, we took it upon ourselves to unpack these concepts. We sat down with Vivo Team’s EVP of People Analytics and Talent Activation, Dr. Jim Sellner, to discuss how people analytics in L&D apply to you, and why you should care. Check it out for yourself with our FREE Team Assessment! 

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    Podcast: B2B Founder Stories

    SuccessKit's Julian Lumpkin invites founder Renée Safrata on the show to discuss taking the entrepreneurial path versus being an executive, having a lean but effective team, and working with women-owned businesses. 

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    Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce

    Written for and published by Chemistry Consulting Group.

    The generation you grew up in can influence your behaviors. In the workplace, you might even notice fundamental generational differences regarding expectations, culture, performance, and engagement. Smart leaders will learn to work with these differences rather than against them.

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