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Learning Experience Platform


On-demand, customized resources to support and enhance the learning journey.


Learners receive access to a password-protected online resource hub for self-directed learning and engagement. The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) provides supportive videos, one-pagers, pre-session tasks, polls, session recordings, and more.

The LXP makes learning social and accessible by encouraging users through our leaderboard stats and it supports the buyers by providing insights into how their learners are using the tools and what more can be done to support and nudge the learner to deepen their experience.

Coach Connect

Learners always have access to an expert coach to help them navigate situations. Through Coach Connect, they can submit questions they have for their coach. The questions could be about a situation they are struggling to navigate as a leader or just general advice about something that is going on for them. We keep these questions anonymous. A Vivo Team coach provides a video response to the question with suggestions on how to handle it.

Hot Sheets

Hot Sheets are a summary of the key learnings or models that are presented in the live online sessions. The participant uses the Hot Sheet to prepare in advance for a content session and refer to it after, increasing the ability to remember and apply the tools/models on the job.

Learning Experience Platform