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Executive Coaches

Executive Coaches, Facilitators, and Trainers

Dr. Jim Sellner

Executive Coach, Facilitator


It’s Dr. Jim’s no-nonsense approach and ability to keep things simple that inspires changes in behaviors that yield improvement and measurable results. His unique, behavioral perspective provides a solid, practical philosophy and methodology in the development of high potential leaders and executives.

As EVP, People Analytics & Talent Activation at Vivo Team, Jim and his team hold multiple awards from the internationally renowned Brandon Hall Group. Vivo Team’s programs, models, and techniques are all based on his research and experience, including the Six Key Indicators of High Performance (communication, accountability, interactive feedback, emotional intelligence, structures, and cohesion) and the Leadership for Einstein’s Model.

With over 40 years experience working with, coaching, and training countless business leaders and entrepreneurs, he has garnered a wide range of industry experience in aquaculture, distribution/manufacturing, engineering, environmental services, fintech, education, and wholesale, among others.


  • Enhanced ability to confidently lead teams, influence others, and deliver results
  • Increased accountability and performance
  • Development of tactical leaders into strategic leaders
  • Learning of practical skills and strategies to build and lead highly productive teams–directly contributing to team and company success


Jim has worked as a city planner, a faculty member at a major Canadian university, and a relationship counselor for nearly a thousand couples.

“I loved working and learning with Dr. Jim! I always came out of our one-on-one sessions with an immediately implementable idea and with a clear understanding of how to get to the destination.
Jim makes it easy (and fun) to improve your real-world relationships.”

- Cathy Grant, SVP Sales + Marketing, Coromandel Properties

David Yudis

Executive Coach


A global talent development expert, David Yudis provides executive coaching to Vivo Team’s senior executive clients. Focused on presence and leadership transitions, David has led global teams and advised senior executives throughout his career in talent management–supporting business growth through talent development and activation. His coaching clientele have included C-suite and senior leaders across a wide range of industries including: financial, technology, utilities, and media.

While working with The Walt Disney Company for over a decade, David held a variety of executive positions including Vice President of DCP Global Learning. David is also a current member of the Forbes Coaches Council–an invitation-only organization for senior-level coaches.

David’s specific areas of focus and expertise include: leadership development, organization effectiveness, culture transformation, talent acquisition, team effectiveness, talent review, succession management, learning strategy, high potential talent development, and creative applications in program design.


  • The tools and methods to create a better version of yourself
  • The skills and expertise to exceed organizational goals
  • Exponential return on investment
  • Participating in the multiplier effect–the ability to impact many other people and make a difference in those lives


Last century, when David had platinum hair, he was the lead singer for New Millenium (no spelling error, that was the name). They recorded an album and played great dance music at local clubs.

“If you are on an executive path, a VP, or a CEO, I would highly recommend Executive Coach, David Yudis. His corporate executive background allows him to be able to relate to and discuss anything from technology and relationships to innovation and strategy with ease. David is engaging, interactive, and present with an effective and thoughtful approach. He challenges me to be purposeful and reflective, and working with him has brought forth my strengths and blind spots. This is one of the best investments I have made in myself.”

- Cecil Dearborne, Chicago & Central Region Delivery Excellence Lead, Pariveda

Petra Mayer

Executive Coach, Facilitator | Bilingual (English, German)


Petra brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Vivo Team stemming from her 30+ years of work with corporations of all sizes. A certified professional coach and consultant in the eLearning space, her insight and expertise are invaluable.

Having lived and worked in four countries across three continents, she has a well-informed and adaptable coaching style. She appreciates the experience of working with individuals and groups to help them to progress and build greater self-awareness to a point where they can pass this on to their teams and colleagues.

Petra combines her MBA education at Lancaster University and her business acumen based on her broad experiences in organizations of multiple industries across the globe with her coaching skills acquired during her certification at Simon Fraser University.

Petra works closely with Vivo Team’s clients at all organizational levels–delivering both group content and coaching sessions.


  • Being held to account in a direct, yet respectful way
  • Unwavering support and encouragement
  • An engaging and transformative learning experience
  • Learning how to motivate and inspire others


Petra works 100% virtually from her dream home on the West Coast of Canada, watching the humpback whales directly from her desk with her dog by her feet.

“Petra is one of the most effective and innovative executive coaches I have worked with. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to push my limits and expand my horizons as a senior leader. She has been an excellent resource on my journey towards increasing my awareness by pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me THINK. I recommend Petra to anyone looking to accelerate their career and develop strategic leadership capabilities. Her insight and knowledge helped me to influencing key decisions, improve my visibility in the organization and increase efficiencies on my team.”

- Senior Leader from Global Cybersecurity Firm

Mike Kaufman

Executive Coach, Facilitator


With an extensive 20 year background in team effectiveness, Mike ensures leaders and teams deliver outstanding results by working together at the same pace, in the same direction, at the same time. Mike’s coaching style is people-focused, creating the space to allow people to talk about what is important, stretch beyond their current abilities, and create connections that are meaningful.

A former leader in national and international companies as well as small- to mid-sized firms, he holds a Masters in IT Management from Brandeis University and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Kent State University.

Mike organizes and hosts an annual event for coaches in the Greater Toronto Area to provide a safe space for learning new skills and practicing their craft. He also volunteers with a local restorative justice organization in a program that focuses on sexual harm in the community.


  • Opportunities for real change and future potential.
  • Meaningful connections
  • Increased personal, team, and company effectiveness


The highest honour Mike ever received was Best Dad of the Year from his kids 15 years ago!

“Study after study shows that when executives are more present, more authentic, and more self-aware (and/or emotionally intelligent), that has a direct effect on the bottom line.”

- Mike Kaufman

Joanne Collins

Executive Coach, Facilitator


A Professional Certified Coach with 20 years of experience delivering leadership and performance coaching, Joanne is an active listener and encourager who believes in exploring potential to build great leaders and great people.

As a ruthless optimist and lifelong learner, Joanne focuses on developing self-awareness, exploring possibilities, elevating personal/professional growth, and increasing impact. Joanne has worked with people from multiple sectors including financial services, CPG, technology, media, and communications.

In addition to working with global human capital firms, Joanne was an Organizational Development Consultant with the City of Toronto where she created and delivered wellness and career management programs and workshops. Joanne also taught organizational career development at George Brown College in Toronto, and prior to coaching worked in the broadcasting industry.

Joanne lives and works in Toronto, Canada, and though she takes her work seriously, she never leaves behind her sense of humour: “It’s like oxygen to me.”


  • Heightened self-awareness
  • Excitement, creativity, and energy
  • Growth and future possibilities


One of Joanne’s first radio reporting jobs required her to cover Prince Charles and Princess Diana's visit to Toronto. She met the Princess of Wales, and said she was even more lovely in person!

“Co-creating a preferred future and new possibilities is exciting! It’s an extremely creative process, which I find energizing.”

- Joanne Collins

Hsuan-Hua Chang

Executive Coach | Bilingual (English, Mandarin)


A certified leadership coach with an extensive tech and people development background, Hsuan-Hua’s mission is to leverage technologies and develop leaders to make the world a better place. With a mastery of coaching tools and models, she supports leaders in becoming their best–encouraging and creating extraordinary results within their team.

As a visionary leader, her coaching experience has included agile leadership, executive presence, professional career development, and personal vertical development. Now, through her work with Vivo Team, her coaching focuses on the Six Key Indicators of High Performance (communication, accountability, interactive feedback, emotional intelligence, structures, and cohesion) and the Leadership for Einstein’s Model.

Hsuan-Hua founded and co-led the ICF Leadership and Executive Community of Practice for 11 years, growing the membership from the ground up to almost 7000 members. Her professional career spans over 30 years working with clients including: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon, among others.


  • Measurable results to ensure ROI
  • An authentic and strategic partner to support your growth
  • Holistic learning that impacts all aspects of your life


It took Hsuan-Hua 20 years to learn how to swim. She still doesn’t visit the deep end of the pool where her feet can’t touch the bottom.

“Companies should invest in executive coaching to support their people’s growth and to help create a safe and innovative culture. The added bonus is this all leads to increased revenue.”

- Hsuan-Hua Chang

Torie Lamon

Executive Coach


By combining her business acumen, extensive project management background, and change management knowledge with her advanced coaching experience, Torie brings a unique perspective to coaching conversations.

Torie completed her undergraduate degree at Acadia University in Sociology and Psychology. Her thesis­—which she was asked to present at universities across Canada—focused on students with learning disabilities. This experiences has made her an expert at coaching individuals who are neuro-diverse or coaching leaders in supporting their neuro-diverse team members. As a life-long learner, Torie recently completed a master's level certificate from Royal Roads University in Executive Coaching and is preparing for the International Coaching Federation ACC certification exam. As well, she is a certified Project Management Professional and holds her Canadian Securities Courses.

Torie lives and plays in Vancouver and as an ultra-marathoner, you will often find Torie running in the mountains with friends!


  • A compassionate and direct approach
  • Focus on defining and achieving goals
  • Support and engagement in your professional growth


Torie recently purchased a 20-year-old van and is converting it to function as an off-grid tiny home!

“It motivates me to watch individuals become more authentic as they learn to foster positive working environments for their teams while working together to be the best version of themselves they can be. I thrive when I feel the work I am doing has a positive ripple effect throughout the entire organization.”

- Torie Lamon

Values, Vision, Mission

We are CREATORS: Our thoughtful and innovative approach to tackling new challenges results in impactful solutions.

We are LEADERS: Our passion and energy inspires our drive to achieve results for our team, our company, and our clients.

We are CHAMPIONS: Our success stems from our ability to build relationships, connect, collaborate, and celebrate across geographies.

Vision: Create inspiring leaders, effective teams, and exceptional companies. 

Mission: Develop competence, motivation, and collaboration in the pursuit of outstanding results.