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2022 Learning and Development Trends


Trying to digest the buffet of 2022 learning and development (L&D) trends? We’ve done the taste testing for you! Here are our top five research trends in people analytics and L&D for 2022, served to you on a silver platter.

Change and adaptability are the dominant flavours, but don’t let them leave a sour taste in your mouth. Change is the spice of life; be aware and prepared, and you’ll be resilient!

Sample the 5-course menu below:

1. Reframing soft skills to “power skills”

Soft skills (i.e., communication, interactive feedback, structures, accountability, cohesion, and emotional intelligence) don’t reside in the periphery anymore, they’ve become essential, some may even say “powerful”. These skills give you, your team(s), and your company an edge–they’re critical to performance and success.

2. Employee engagement

Ensuring employees remain engaged and feel heard and respected supports longevity and retention. Communication, collaboration, and cohesion are key. Remember, a satisfied and supported workforce is a successful one!

3. Hybrid and virtual training is here to stay

63% of high-growth, high-revenue companies have adopted a hybrid working model (Accenture). Consider joining this club–they clearly know what they’re doing!

4. Collaboration

Gone are the days of siloed office cubicles. Collaboration among teams and leaders fuels creativity and innovation. Get ready to watch your productivity soar!

5. Application of learning

Listening and learning is one thing, but applying your learnings is another. Successful application of new knowledge is key; and our Team Assessment measures and tracks performance improvements–check it out!



(Based on reports from Training Industry, Udemy Business, SAP Litmos, Josh Bersin, Cindy Huggett, The Learning & Development Podcast, Jam3, and Dr. Nick H.M. van Dam.)