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What Are People Analytics in L&D?

73% of respondents said people analytics will be a major priority for their company over the next 5 years. (2020 Global Talent Trends Report, LinkedIn)

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People analytics, also referred to as talent or HR analytics, can be broadly defined as a data-driven method of studying people at work – from processes and functions to challenges and opportunities – and using that data to make better decisions and ultimately achieving your business goals.

Focusing specifically on L&D (learning and development), the power of people analytics can be harnessed to analyze how teams and leaders are performing. By gathering the right data you can diagnose, analyze, predict, and prescribe solutions for increasing leader and team efficiency and satisfaction.

Stakeholders, executives, and boards are increasingly relying on data to demonstrate how intangible assets drive business results. People analytics in L&D can be used to clearly demonstrate how human interactions affect behaviors, ROI in dollars, engagement, and productivity.


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