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Virtual Meeting Tools

9 Tips for Running a Virtual Meeting

Effective Virtual Meeting Norms

Suddenly, some or all of your teams are working remotely—many of whom are not experienced doing so! What now?

By agreeing to a set of meeting behaviours, teams increase productivity and engagement significantly. Just because it’s obvious to you doesn’t mean it is to everyone. Get your team on the same page! Here is a video and handout for you to share with your team:




The D.O.S.E.

The D.O.S.E.

Effectively connect with and be accountable to your team and projects by introducing a D.O.S.E. (Direct Ongoing Swift Encounter)

Efficiently keep everyone on your team in the loop with this tactical, 10-12 minute meet up designed to share information, clarify stuck points, celebrate small wins, and get clear on priorities. Try bi-weekly to start and increase frequency if necessary.

Here is a handout for you to share with your team:



The Secret to Successful Team Meetings: Appreciations, Difficulties, FInal Statement

Successful Meetings

Appreciations, difficulties, and final statements is a technique we use to close down every meeting.

It’s really important to encourage everyone to have a voice and employees, managers and leaders should all participate. Why? Everyone gets the opportunity to say something at the end of the meeting, people can give and receive immediate feedback, everyone has an understanding of how that meeting went, and more. Here is a handout for your team:



How to Shine Online!

How to Shine Online

More energy, more engagement, and more active listening.  

You can shine online! Whether you are a team member, manager or leader, use these guidelines to meaningfully show up for, participate in, or lead your virtual meetings. Here’s a handout to share with your team: