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Say Cheese!



Vivo Team,
My team is using an online platform to stay connected while working remotely, but some are resistant to coming on camera. What can I do to change this behavior?

Hi John,
There’s a couple things you could try. One, you could ignore it, but I wouldn’t do that because we expect people to come forward when we are working together.

You might try for one of the meetings during the week—assuming you have 2 or 3—I would say to people in advance: I want you on camera for this meeting.

They other thing you could do is encourage them every second or third meeting: OK are you ready to come on camera today. Ideally, what will start to happen is the team members are going to start giving those who don’t want to be on camera some feedback about that and encouragement.

One of the most powerful ways of bringing people together and connecting them is by having the team members talk about what they’d like other team members to do. It has more impact then if it comes from the leader. Try it out and keep with it!

*names have been changed