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Transform Your People


Many people think coaching is only for those who clearly “need” it. But, coaching should always be a part of one’s learning and development.

Why is coaching so important? Well, let’s start off with a few yes/no questions:

  1. Do you want to be a more effective leader?
  2. Do you feel there are obstacles in the way of achieving your goals?
  3. Do you need more guidance and support in addressing specific concerns?
  4. Are you unsure why, despite your best efforts, some things are just not working?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these four (4) questions, you might just benefit from a coach!

Coaching assists you in:

  • Achieving Goals – A coach can help you identify your goals and stay accountable, increasing the likelihood that the goals will be achieved.
  • Individualized Learning – Coaching facilitates deeper learning. You will learn more about yourself, gain insights on how others perceive you, and understand how small changes in behavior can dramatically improve results.
  • Improving Specific Skills – Coaching often focuses on specific skill building including communication, feedback, emotional intelligence, accountability, structures, and team cohesion.
  • Gaining Perspective – As a third party, a coach offers a safe space to discuss sensitive topics to gain perspective without feeling intimidated by office politics or hurting feelings.
  • Personal Awareness – Coaches can help you become aware of your blind spots—areas of work or personality you are not aware of that need improvement. Becoming aware of these areas allows you to work with your coach on improving them.

At Vivo Team, coaching is not an “add-on” in any of our programs–it’s included in all of our Team and Leader programs, and always will be, because we know coaching increases learning and behavior changes.

So, do you want to meet some of our expert executive coaches?

Earlier, we mentioned that all of our programs include coaching–this can be in a 1-to-1, 1-to-2 or group setting. Plus, those interested in connecting further with our executive coaches, or those that don’t yet feel comfortable in a small group setting, our LXP (Learning Experience Platform) hosts a feature called Coach Connect.

Our Coach Connect feature enables learners to submit questions anonymously and receive a video response from one of our coaches with suggestions and actionable next-steps. Better yet?! While the sender’s identity remains anonymous, the entire cohort has access to the coach’s video tip response–not only the learner who submitted the question. This ensures the learning is shared and that all team members are aligned on how to respond to the given situation.

Performance coaching has a positive impact on one’s professional and personal life. As long as you are ready and willing, prepare yourself for the following (coaching) gains 💪

  • Accelerated ability to lead and deliver
  • Confidence to lead teams, influence others, and generate results
  • Improved accountability and performance
  • A shift from tactical leadership to strategic leadership
  • Positive cultural changes
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Practical skill and strategy development
  • Ability to build and lead highly productive teams
  • Nurture and contribute to team success