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Try Our 30-Day Meeting Challenge!


You may already be working on some personal goals—exercise, yoga or drinking more water—but have you set your sights on any professional goals? We have an idea for you and your team!

We’re challenging YOU to cut meeting times by 25% to increase team effectiveness while saving time and money.

To get started, download our 30-Day Meeting Challenge Tracker – it’s rewarding to see your efforts pay off!

Here are some tips on how to do it well:

  1. Cut every scheduled one-hour meeting to 45 minutes – no exceptions! (Few meetings deserve an hour, many deserve only 20-25 minutes tops.)
  2. Have an agenda for every meeting and stick to it.
  3. Begin and end every meeting on time.
  4. Consider who needs to be in the meeting. Does everyone have to be in the meeting for the entire time?
  5. Does the project or topic need to be a regular meeting or only as necessary?
  6. For all virtual meetings everyone has cameras on to increase connection and efficiency.

After the 30 days, divide your number of meetings under 45 minutes by your total number of meetings (then multiply by 100) to get your final score.

Let us know how you did!