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You’re Yelling


Dear Vivo Team,
My boss is a yeller. I don’t think he is aware that he frequently raises his voice. I find I really shut down around him. What should I do?


Hello Brandi,
This is a complicated issue, and I would like to have more details, but I will respond to you generally. If I were in your shoes, I would try saying to him “when you yell at me like that I can’t focus and I just shut down.” Don’t say anything more than that, wait for a response.

I know you might be shaking in your boots because you don’t know how he will react. If he starts yelling at you, you should remove yourself from the room and find someone in HR or someone else who you can have a conversation with to help get some resolution.

If he responds, “oh sorry, I don’t realize I am yelling.” Then you can say, “what would be really helpful for me is if you could tone down your voice so I can hear and focus to be able to respond to you.” The best of luck…thank you!

*names have been changed