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More Work or Working More?



Vivo Team,
I notice I’m working longer hours now that I am at home. Are things busier or is it just more accessible?

Hi Ryan,
It’s probably both! Working from home, like I have been doing for the last 15 years, requires discipline.

One of the things I do when I’m done working is completely shut down my computer. The other thing is to be very disciplined on the weekends about your time. Be very careful that you don’t drift back to doing work. Stop it, please! Because, what happens over time is that you begin to burn out because you are always on.

The convenience of having your desk right there is that when you think, oh I forgot to do that, you go do it. Instead, go to your desk and write it on a Post It note for later. If you don’t set boundaries you are you’re going to find yourself working all the time.

Your partner, if you have one, is going to get frustrated, your children will say mommy or daddy are on the computer all the time. Discipline yourself to only work on your decided, appointed times. You’ll find much more satisfaction.

*names have been changed