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What About Work?



Dear Vivo Team,
My work from home employees are posting on Facebook all day about cleaning their closets out, baking bread, and even grouting the bathroom. How do I make sure they’re accountable?
– Lisa*

Hi Lisa*,
Our job as leaders and managers is to stay checked in and connected with our teams and the bigger picture. To ensure accountability, I would plan a virtual team meeting and say: I notice a lot of you are cleaning out your closets and baking bread. I’m a bit concerned about how that’s affecting your work. Do you have what you need? Help me out!

You’ll probably find that people are organizing their days differently. I’ve been working remotely for 15 years and I will work a couple hours here, go for a run, work again, do an errand, work a bit in the evening, etc. That’s what works for me and my productivity. Always be aware of what’s going on by checking in with your team often instead of making assumptions.

* names have been changed