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Can I Stay Home?



Vivo Team,
My team is enjoying working from home. How am I going to deal with the objections when they need to come back to the office after this is all over?

Hi David,
That’s a pretty complicated question, but I’ll try to make it as simple as possible. First explore what the objection is about. What are the pros and cons of working remotely verses at the office?

Whether as a leader you are flexible in some areas for people to work at home and non-flexible in others, it’s a negotiation. You need to listen to people’s objectives and have conversations about them.

You may not want to move on some areas where you need people in the office, but maybe you don’t need them all the time. So use that as a problem solving, connecting thing to build your relationships with people.

Not everybody is going to get what they want, and that includes you. The important thing is to have and stay in the conversation, and it may take a little while. You might not resolve it quickly, but keep the conversation going, that’s what’s important.

*names have been changed