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Top 10 Digital Communication Tips

Keep these tips in mind with any form of written communication: email, internal communication platforms (Microsoft Teams, Slack), text, chat, etc.

  1. Respond quickly, clearly, and concisely.
  2. Think before you send: Do I need to “reply all?”
  3. Avoid cluttering inboxes – do you need to reply “got it” or “thanks.”
  4. Read and re-read the email/message you received and your response.
    Did you overlook anything?
  5. Ensure subject lines are relevant (this makes it easier to search later).
  6. Proofread and spell check!
  7. Consider etiquette and tone.
  8. Check your ABCs: Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity.
  9. Consider a phone call or meeting if your email/message is too long, too detailed or requires a decision.
  10. On occasion, give yourself a digital communication vacation!

Why Am I Sending This Email?

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