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Next-Level Manager

A Next-Level Manager (NLM) is the person you directly report to.

Do you have a NLM? Or, maybe you are one?

Your role as a NLM encompasses much more than just managing. It involves leading by example.

Lead with connection. Remaining connected with your direct report(s), especially in a hybrid or virtual work environment, is essential to maintaining clear communication, company cohesion, and accountability.

One way to do this is through a periodic check-in: a short, 10 minute semi-structured meeting between NLMs and their direct report(s).

If you’re a team member and you don’t regularly check-in with your NLM, consider introducing this idea in your organization or to your manager.

Why do an NLM check-in? 

It supports development and commitment, encourages active application of learnings, and keeps everyone in the know.

  • 25% of leaders and managers perform better
  • 29% are more committed
  • 40% are more likely to stay with the organization

What’s involved in an NLM check-in?

It’s an open dialogue between NLM and direct report. Consider key discussion points including: recent learnings, successes, and difficulties.

As an NLM, remember, your job is to listen, ask for clarification when needed, and refrain from prompting your direct report(s). This is an opportunity for them to demonstrate their ability to level up!

To ensure both parties are on the same page at the end of the check-in, conclude with a round of appreciations (something you liked), difficulties (anything you’re stuck on), and final statements (last words). At Vivo Team we make a concerted effort to end all of our meetings that way–encouraging immediate feedback, mutual understanding, and next steps.