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Actionable Accountability


There’s no “foolproof” way to achieving accountability—we’re all human! There are, however, simple and effective methods for holding yourself and others accountable. Let’s break them down:

Hold yourself accountable: 

Step 1: Get clear on the required task

Step 2: Understand what a “good job” looks like

Step 3: Just do it!


Hold others accountable: 

Step 1:
Use “I notice…” statements to describe what you observe. E.g. “I notice that your progress report is three days late.”

Step 2:
Outline the goal
. E.g. “The goal is to have your progress report submitted by noon every Thursday.”

Step 3:
Request a solution. E.g. “How will you make this happen? If you need help, let me know.”

“I’ve already used the “I noticed” line with one of my managers in a coaching conversation, and it is very powerful.” – Vivo Team Learner

The Video Test is a great place to start—actively observing a person’s behaviors so you can accurately describe those behaviors.

Make a commitment to be accountable (to yourself and others) in order to achieve collective goals—ultimately creating a sustainable system.