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K.I.S.S. Your Data



Vivo Team,
There is so much employee data available now, how do I decide what to focus on?
– Connie*

Hi Connie,
I always always operate on the principal of K.I.S.S. the data: Keep It Simple, Silly! That means, first of all, make sure you really know why you want to collect the data.

Is that data going to be used to improve performance? What is your objective? Will you be able to easily report back to the people you got the data from? Finally, are you willing and able to take that data and show whether there are improvements or not and how that relates to business results or increased engagement?

There is another aspect to consider, and that is data around learning and development, which is our specialty. Some is personal stuff, like how the person operates, what their values are, etc. Then there’s teams. If most of your work is done as a team, it’s really important to have data on how well the team is operating. That’s going to help you increase productivity, effectiveness levels, and the overall satisfaction of people working on the team. If there’s mostly individual work, then you collect data based on that.

Yes, data can be a struggle. Make sure you pare everything down to only the amount that you really need. In a sense, it’s better to have not enough than too much. If you’ve got too much it can be expensive and people won’t pay attention to it. Hopefully that’s helpful!

*names have been changed