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Hybrid Hype



Dear Vivo Team,

How do I know if my hybrid team is succeeding?

– Mika* 

Hi Mika,

First of all, you and your team need to have a clear agreement as to what “hybrid success” looks like. How do we know? What are our goals? What kind of experience do we want to be having? You need to set that so everybody’s really clear. And, it may be different for some people.

Once a week, I would highly recommend that you get together with your team, for no longer than 15 minutes and go through what we, at Vivo Team, call the D.O.S.E.—a direct, ongoing, swift, encounter. One at a time, each person shares what they’re working on. The second piece, after you’ve gone around and everyone has shared, is a stuck point. What’s a stuck point that each person has? And the final piece is a ‘win’. This is designed to get in touch and better connected with one another.

Now, another way of doing it is in a one-to-one. In no longer than 10-15 minutes per person, the leader connects with each team member and goes through:

  1. What’s working well
  2. What needs improvement

It’s a quick check-in.

Quarterly, I would recommend that you have some kind of an assessment. For example, we have the Vital Statistics Report (VSR). I’d recommend that quarterly or semi-annually, your team do a VSR. So in that VSR, you get an idea of how that team is functioning in six key areas. In the second area, there’s an element called the Leader Behavior Gap, and that will give you an indication of how you perceive your behaviors as a leader, and how your team perceives your behaviors as a leader. And, if there’s any gap(s) it opens up a conversation.

Hope that’s helpful.

*names have been changed