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Vivo Team,
It looks like Covid-19 will continue to have an impact for some time. How can I best equip my leaders to handle all the continued changes and adaptations necessary?

Hi Trevor,
Number one is to stay in touch, keep up-to-date. Ask what’s working well, what needs improvement, what might we be missing?

Also, make sure to meet regularly in Zoom or Microsoft Teams, on video, and rotate the chairthat is the person usually responsible to organize those things. The reason for doing that is, as people are out of the office for a longer period of time, the further we get away from the centre, the fuzzier things get. So, we have a group of managers working remotely, then we have the managers people working remotely, so they all have to make sure to stay in contact.

Another tip is to keep the Zoom meetings where you are updating your team, to a maximum of 15 minutes, no longer. Otherwise people are going to feel that Zoom fatigue thing.

Also, make sure to look for, in your managers, how well they are dealing with the situation. Some people are going to like it, and some are going to struggle with it.

Finally, be aware of your managers who are working too much. Taking breaks is really important because we don’t want people to burnout. Hopefully his helps. Covid is going to continue for a while, we just need to adjust to it.

*names have been changed