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Psychological Safety: A Win-win for Employee Wellness and Performance

Written for and published by Training Industry.

Psychological safety serves a dual purpose: It supports both workplace wellness and employee performance. Given that wellness and performance are interdependent, psychological safety is crucial to building a successful, human-centered workplace.

Psychological safety is the shared belief that it’s safe to take interpersonal risks as a group. It is the ability to take risks, speak up, work creatively and feel comfortable being one’s authentic self without fear of reprisal. This sense of comfortability and safety stems from these five key factors

  1. Connectedness: We tend to feel more comfortable with people we know.
  2. Respect: This is the key to recognizing and appreciating a team member’s contributions.
  3. Value: Team members should be willing to seek to understand different points of view.
  4. Risk: The willingness to be open to others when you don’t know or understand yet.
  5. Trust: What follows risk when a person consistently behaves with a respectful response toward you.

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